National Chocolate Day, celebrated every year on October 28 is nothing less than an honor to mankind’s most delicious culinary invention. (Sorry, pizza.) Chocolate can be a great addition to even the most extravagant desserts. However, you can find your chocolate fix with a candy bar. Tips: Choose chocolate that has a “high cacao” percentage and with a low amount of added sugar.


Decadent chocolate and its many varieties are celebrated every year on National Chocolate Day on October 28.


The story of chocolate goes back 2,500 years. Aztecs were awed by their new-discovered liquid chocolate to the point that they believed that Quetzalcoatl the god of wisdom, actually granted it to the Aztecs. Cacao seeds functioned as an alternative to currency. This was in those “bitter” chocolate days -before sugar was added! When chocolate became sweetin 16th century Europe The masses took notice and transformed chocolate into a mighty sweet.

Several chocolate companies in the present day were founded in the early 20th and 19th centuries. Cadbury was founded in England in 1868. Milton S. Hershey, 25 years later, bought chocolate processing equipment during the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago The company was founded by making chocolate-coated caramels. Nestle is a company that dates back to the 1860s and has evolved to become one of the biggest food conglomerates around the globe.

Did you have the knowledge the chocolate industry is food that ferments? This is true, after cacao pods are harvested and cleaned of the white pith from the fruit, and dried, cacao beans ferment. The shell of paper gets removed. The cacao nibs are exposed. Chocolatiers grind them to cocoa powder, break the cocoa solids into cocoa butter, and mix the two with sugar and milk or, for white chocolate only the chocolate butter and sugar and milk.

There is a trend today towards dark chocolate because it has significantly less sugar. Ghana, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast all lie close to the equator, all have perfect climates for cacao trees, and create some of the finest chocolate. It is best to seek out dark chocolate made in these areas.

However, there’s a darker aspect. Child labor is now a serious issue. If you buy “fair trade chocolate,” you’re helping increase the sustainability of cocoa production. Remember this when you shop and make your choice carefully.

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