What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet?

Nowadays the internet is the most influential and popular media in the world, whereas it was a mystery to people for 15 years prior. It’s the most significant resource for information, communication, and even advertising.

The internet and computers are commonplace in homes, however, each has many advantages and disadvantages. The Internet includes a variety of applications such as BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and many more.

Advantages of the Internet:

Source of Information:

It is the most reliable source for all kinds of information. Nowadays, students at universities and colleges rely on it for not just their homework but also to stay current.

The best resource for research then the Internet. We can get the most up-to-date developments, we can communicate with experts without visiting them as well as obtain professional assistance via the internet.

Source of Entertainment:

Online games, chat browsing, music, film dramas, and television shows are now the most frequent ways to entertain yourself. Games are accessible at no cost chat rooms are readily available for discussion on any subject and entertainment websites are available online, and movies and television shows of other genres are readily available thanks to the internet.

Keep Informed:

Internet is a reliable source for the latest news since there is a myriad of newsgroups, services, and news sources that keep you updated with each minute of the day. Many people love reading weather reports, sports politics, or any other subject that the internet keeps current and well-informed.

Online Shopping:

Internet shopping has become popular due to virtual stores which allow you to buy whatever you need and want without leaving the home. Virtual shops are making a lot of cash in recent times.

The most sought-after item is clothing, and more women are purchasing via the online marketplace. In addition, food, household electronics, and more are readily available. All you have to do is be in front of the computer then click the mouse and the item will arrive at your door within a couple of hours.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

On the other hand of the coin, if you examine its shortcomings in detail these are the most typical:

A Waste of Time:

Many people believe that spending lots of time on the internet is harmful, which can lead to obesity among the younger generation. In today’s world, many people believe that the internet isn’t necessary to live a normal life, and that life would be much easier without it.

Not Safe Place for Children:

If children are permitted to use the internet, parents are concerned if they spend a lot of time online. The internet is full of porn and illegal communities readily available. Therefore, it is possible to say that the internet isn’t an appropriate site for children as there are a variety of tools that can override parental protection.

Additionally, children who access the internet are getting dependent on it, which is a serious risk.

Privacy Exposure:

Thanks to the hacker community today, it’s easy to identify emails or chat messages. We all know that data is transferred through packets. Hackers sniff these packets and can easily reconstruct them.

Money Frauds:

Since the advent of online businesses online, virtual shops, and the use of credit cards and credit card usage, it is now easy to purchase things without having to visit the market. Apart from legitimate sites, there are a few additional Social Media Advertising sites that can commit fraud with money.

These sites try to steal your personal information including credit card information as well as pin codes. Once they’ve got this information you are a potential victim of fraud involving money.


In many instances, our systems are infected with viruses, which can harm our data which are very difficult to restore. These viruses travel online, DVDs, and USBs. Your computer may become completely out of commission.

Online Threatening or Harassment:

If someone can get your ID or email address, then it is easier to be a target in chat rooms, in messages on the internet, and via emails.

The internet is not without its advantages and drawbacks, however, its benefits are incredibly impressive. It makes life simpler however we must not ignore the negatives it could bring.


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