The effects of both parents who work on the child

There’s no single answer on whether it’s appropriate to have both parents work. Today, it is typical to have both parents of a family working. This trend isn’t just limited to families in difficult economic circumstances, but it is observed in wealthy families.

Working parents are a common occurrence and each has its share of benefits and drawbacks. The impacts of working parents who both have the child are unavoidable and thus require a way to maintain an equilibrium between the benefits and negatives of working full-time.

The effects of both parents who work on their child

In the past, before a uni-family system and children being raised in a joint family, it was not an overwhelming task because there were many caregivers apart from the mother.
Aunts uncles, grandparents, and aunts all played a role in the raising of the children in the family.

With the rising trend of nuclear families that are emerging across the nation, working-class parents were left with no choice other than to leave their children to their own devices. The consequences of working with both parents come with each their pros and cons.

The positive outcomes of both parents who work on the child’s development include:

  1. Providing a quality lifestyle:

If both parents are working and both parents working, a luxurious lifestyle is cheaper for the majority of families. This is one of the major benefits that both parents are employed. Therefore, there’s more money in the bank for parents to invest in their children’s education and other requirements.

  1. Valuing time:

As both parents are employed and working, they can only have a few hours to be at home with their children. The children learn that time is precious and isn’t able to be replaced after it’s gone.

They are aware of how important it is to value time and which is why it is essential to take advantage of it. This is cultivated by the child’s brain from an early age.

  1. Life experiences:

As both parents work and are not around to care for their children during the daytime as a result, when they return to their homes, they have a lot of experiences from their lives that they can share with their children.

This ultimately helps children develop a more mature outlook and understanding of the world around them.

  1. The importance of independence for children:

Children of parents working develop independence from an early age. Since they are aware that parents are on the job and that they have to make their own decisions which makes them confident and competent decision-makers.

Negative effects of both parents working on the child:

While both working parents can make a positive impact on the children they raise, it is not without a couple of challenges and issues with both parents working.

Let’s examine the negative consequences on both parents who work:

  1. Psychological Effects:

Couples are forced to leave and relocate to new cities to work, sacrificing their family members.
In the majority of India and even now the nuclear family has little support from their family members.

In the end, they must employ childcare providers or place their children in daycare centers. Also, children are often left out because parents are unable to provide all-inclusive attention to their children.

  1. Changes in mood and behavior:

For mothers who work and have their children at the daycare, they tend to be restless and may have difficulty controlling their mood swings. Since both parents aren’t able to be able to devote enough time and attention to their children There is a chance that your children may grow more determined or violent.

  1. Connection with parents:

When both parents are working at their job and have very little time at the house with their children the bonds that children share with their parents are strained. As children grow older the gap could get bigger.

Benefits/pros of both parents working on the child:

It’s a wonderful place where both parents work. This brings many economic benefits, not only to the kids but to all families in general.

* Parents who work could be a good role model. Girls learn that they must consider a career path, rather than just marrying and having kids. Boys must be aware of the fact that the chores of a household are a part of life as a family.

It will also affect them in a significant way and will allow them to help with chores once they begin their own families.

When moms work at home, it is a sign that she’s helping alleviate her husband’s financial stress and burden.

* A reliable source of financial support is the foundation for every family’s happiness. A good example is the whole family can travel every year, a great method to make families closer can only be achieved only if the financial foundation of the family is solid and stable.

Disadvantages/cons of both parents working on the child:

In the case of a family in which both parents are employed and in a position where they are not able to spend the time they need with their children, they have a hard time getting assistance and supervision.

As time passes, it will affect their morale and will hurt their school performance.

If they are not supervised by their parents The children are more likely to develop unhealthy habits because of social pressures, for example, addiction to games like PUBG, smoking cigarettes, or even using drugs.

It is a worrying fact of decreasing intimate conversations being held between children and their family members. A lot of children feel lonely even in their homes.

Closing thoughts:

In the end, we can’t alter our parents’ roles. Both are required to work today. Parents must however find a way to balance their professional and family life so that their children are provided with benefits in their material as well as their minds.


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