The bridal facial can be interpreted in three ways: Traditional, Modern and Fashionable

It’s your first facial of your life or you have one every month There are so many kinds of facials which even the seasoned person can be confused about! However, as a bride-to-be, you’ll be required to select which one is best for you, therefore, you must know what facials can offer you (results are important at the end of the day!) This is your guide to bridal Facials!

Weddings are an opportunity unlike any other for the bridesmaids to be pampered and treated as queens. The extravagant beauty, as well as bathing routines of past queens, required the assistance of many people available, today’s queens must be content with the top beauty treatments in salons. The most popular treatment for brides is the pre-bridal.

Skin Care for Brides

It is essential to set yourself in a regular and scheduled beauty regimen at home, as well as in salons to keep your skin in top condition. This will allow you to look at your best during the months before the wedding.

How long before the wedding day should you receive facials?

Ideally, you’ll want to have some bridal facials before the wedding. The final facial needs to be scheduled a few days before the wedding’s first event (eg. the Mehendi and Pooja) as you are not allowed to apply makeup during the 24 to 48 hours following the treatment.

This is because your pores could be open, or your skin may require some time to settle after a facial.

Which face is ideal to be used by the bride?

There’s no single type of facial that’s suitable for every person. It’s all about the type of skin you have as well as how long you have to prepare for the big day, your budget, and the sort of result you’d prefer to be able to.

When you are booking sessions, be sure to keep the following tips in your head:

  • Know your skin’s type It’s important to know if your skin is dry, oily, or mixed.
  • Take note of the areas that are problematic for you. (Pimples that won’t go away and pigmentation spots, for example.)
  • What kind of results can you expect? A glowing gold glow or a beautiful white complexion, or beautiful natural skin.

If you have answered these questions you’re now able to choose the perfect beauty treatment for your wedding.

Disclaimer: Brand names are not or are they sponsored by anyone.

Mom-Favourite Bridal Facials: The Classics

  1. Basic Cleanup

Are you among the lucky brides with flawless skin? You can choose to do the basics of cleaning since your skin does not need any maintenance. The cleansing helps remove the wear and tear of everyday life.

It begins with steam cleaning and then elimination of dirt that has accumulated in the pores, blackheads, and whiteheads from the face, exfoliation to deep cleanse followed by moisturization. Since the treatment is relatively light, it’s suitable for brides with acne breakouts.

The fundamental clean-up is also the ideal bridal facial for skin that is sensitive. It is possible to do this procedure once every fortnight.

The recommended brands for this treatment include Lotus & VLCC. Casmara is a rich gel treatment for radiant skin. It’s been tested, tried, and appreciated by our Editor who has called Casmara the top face care for brides with oily skin.

  1. Acne Reduction

A skin with acne-prone issues can be extremely annoying especially when acne begins to appear right at the time of the wedding. This treatment is specifically targeted at acne to stop or reduce its consequences.

It involves exfoliation and steam followed by masks for treatment that generally contain glycolic and salicylic acids. It is recommended to consult with a dermatologist before deciding to undergo this procedure.

Skeyndor facial treatment for acne is a favorite among beauty salons.

  1. Gold Facial

One of the most effective facials to glow for the wedding is loved by brides. Gold, as an alloy of soft metals, has numerous benefits, including eliminating toxins, treating sunburn and skin pigmentation, as well as improving blood circulation.

One of the USP benefits of the treatment is the soft golden glow on the face.

Lotus as well as VLCC are the most recommended brands to get the finest gold bridal facials.

  1. Anti Tan & Pigmentation

The bride has a lot to complete and it’s nearly impossible to avoid the sun. Although hats and scarves can aid, this is one kind of facial that’s essential for brides with skin that is susceptible to sunburn or pigmentation, to prevent any harm.

Anti-tan facials help to eliminate dark spots caused by skin burn and pigmentation and also help to achieve uniform skin tones. This is essential to have flawless skin. The treatment involves exfoliation application of activator massage cream, mask, and exfoliation.

Lotus, Skeyndor, and VLCC are the most well-known brands in salons.

Modern Bridal Facials: New & Improved

  1. Tan Removal Facial

Are you suffering from sunburn on your skin that makes it appear darker? This is the perfect bridal option for those with bad tanning. Tan removal facials use a combination of chemical and natural ingredients that boost the brightness and radiant skin. The procedure usually involves bleaching and peeling.

If you’re searching for the ideal bridal facial that is suitable for wheatish skin, this could be the best option since it gets rid of your sun-kissed skin and helps to restore the natural tone of your skin.

Skeyndor, O3+, and Remy Laure are the preferred names of salons that use this kind of treatment.

  1. Collagen Facial

Brides with aging skin might consider this procedure. Collagen aids in restoring the skin’s elasticity and prevents wrinkles and lines. The treatment can help replenish and rebuild collagen that has been lost improving the appearance of the skin and giving it a younger appearance.

The treatment consists of the standard face-care routine and is followed by a collagen repair mask.

O3+, Remy Lauren, and highly reviewed wedding facial treatments for healing collagen.

  1. Derma / Chemical Peel Facial

It’s a chemical-based treatment that reduces wrinkles and fine lines as well as treats melasma and pigmentation and improves the appearance of the skin’s health with antioxidants. This procedure requires regular sessions of 3 to 4 treatments that are applied every four weeks.

The results last for a long time and it is suggested for skin that is severely pigmented. The treatment is extremely effective and you should consult a dermatologist before deciding to go with it.

Skeyndor as well as O3+ have been rated as the top-rated brands for this type of facial.

Trending Bridal Facials: Talk of the Town

  1. LED Facials

Anyone can benefit from this facial which has multiple advantages. It reduces the appearance of aging, which results in radiant and smooth skin that is healthy and fresh. It can also help lighten the appearance of acne scars and marks.

In the course of the facial, the face is exposed to colors of laser light which have a unique healing impact on the skin. The only downside to this procedure is the cost with an average frequency of 4 to 8 sessions over between 4 and 8 weeks.

ISA Derm, a skin health clinic that is managed by a renowned dermatologist (Dr. Kiran Lohia), is the most ideal location in Delhi for all types of facial treatments for brides who require expensive equipment. Our Editor’s top dermatologist in Delhi.

  1. Organic Facial

Some brides are skeptical about the chemical treatment. Organic facials using natural ingredients like skin-friendly fruits like papaya, papaya and bananas honey, lemon, honey as well as green tea, are very popular for brides who have dry to normal skin.

But, be aware of any allergies you might suffer from before deciding to undergo this type of treatment. Green tea contains antioxidants in it and is excellent for getting rid of tanning. Honey and papaya act as natural moisturizing agents.

Fruit facials are a possibility at your home but salon bridal facials offer an elaborate process that includes cleansing to exfoliating before applying the facial mask.

VLCC is a favorite among salons that offer this type of treatment. If you’re planning an at-home bridal facial, Forest Essentials organic sheet masks are highly suggested by our editor.



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