The best ways to celebrate your anniversary

Whatever number of years it’s been, two questions pop up each year before your anniversary “What should we do?” and “Are we doing anniversary gifts this year?” Be the surprise for your partner with an idea to have a romantic activity or getaway that is ready to go.

Looking for creative ideas to share with your partner can be an enjoyable part of the process however when you’re stuck with ideas, it can be difficult. Consider whether you’re looking for a restful or adventurous trip, and then determine whether you’re staying in the same area or going to a different location. This will help reduce the options.

To take longer trips or to commemorate an important anniversary, you may want to go for an intimate getaway. While a wonderful vacation may sound, a getaway can be just as entertaining.

Do not forget to bring to get a special anniversary present that you love dearly and will love. Here are some suggestions of fun places to go for your special day, regardless of whether you decide to stay in the area or go to a new location.

  1. Stay At A Bed And Breakfast

There is no need to go far to enjoy the peace and tranquility of an escape for a weekend. Pick a bed in a local area and breakfast and stay for a night. Taking yourself away from your routine can make things more interesting and allow you the chance to be focused on one another.

  1. Picnic At The Park

If you’re celebrating your anniversary in the summer months take a picnic with you and go to the park in your neighborhood to enjoy a romantic evening. The greatest part is that it’s practically free!

  1. Relax At The Spa

Everybody could benefit from a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation every once in a time. Find an area spa that offers couples treatments, such as massages or mani-pedis, and then unwind with your partner.

  1. Revisit Your First Date Spot

If it was a dinner or a drink (or both! ) You can recreate the romance that was your initial date on your anniversary. If you are living together, you can spice things up by dressing alone and meeting at the place rather than traveling together.

  1. Go Back To Your Wedding Venue

The wedding venue you choose to attend will take you back to where it all began. Reflect on the first day of your life together, and promise to keep making memories together for the years to be.

  1. Book A Site At A Campground

If you want to change the scenery Consider making a camp at the nearby campsite. No matter what you do it’s ideal for couples that love the outdoors looking to spend time with each other.

  1. Walk Around A Botanical Garden

Enjoy the beautiful scents and sights on an excursion through the local botanical gardens. You’ll appreciate the beauty of this day (and your loved ones! ).

  1. Go On A Mini Road Trip

Have you ever wanted to go to the tiny town in the area but you haven’t yet gotten there? Spend a day exploring the new place you’ve been to by taking a quick road journey.

  1. Do A Brewery Tour

Nearly all towns have local breweries that you can visit. Have fun with your friends with a glass of beer and touring the establishment. You’ll gain new knowledge and may be able to fill your customized growler with your preferred craft beer available on the tap.

  1. Hit The Open Water

If it’s a lake, or ocean if you’re lucky enough to live close to the water go out and have a blast with your friends. Use kayaks to have an adventurous date or rent a boat to enjoy an enjoyable time.

  1. Take A Class Together

There are classes available on various subjects, including cooking and painting prints on canvas, and dancing! Find a class you take pleasure in. Making new acquaintances will help strengthen the bond between you. If you are passionate about it, it could turn into a new passion.

  1. Go To A Comedy Club

Find out if professional comedians are touring in your region during your anniversary or discover (or take part in) the open mic, and take in your local talents. A well-crafted show will bring you and your partner in a good mood and provide your tummy with laughter.

  1. See A Drive-In Movie

Movies are a traditional date night option however, for a more romantic night out with a movie visit a drive-in or outdoor theater, or even the perfect outdoor movie night.

  1. Attend A Sports Game

When the big leagues seem too distant or not within your budget, your local minor league games are equally enjoyable! Take a look at the seasons of sports taking place on your anniversary time and go to the game.

  1. Visit A Street Fair

Street fairs are a celebration of different cuisines and local cultures. Pick one you and your family will take pleasure in, such as an event that combines food and wine and an art fair.

  1. Go On A Hike In Nature

The outdoors has many things to provide. Spend the day with your friends without your cell phones while on the trail. Bring a lunch and snacks to enjoy lunch breaks along the trail.

  1. Go On A Coffee Date

If your anniversary falls on an off-day, a short coffee session could be all you need to get into. It is a favorite place to meet for new dates and first dates, it could spark excitement for a new relationship between you.

  1. Go Fishing

Take a trip into the lake lay in a comfortable spot and catch several fish. There will be ample time in between fishing to chat and talk about the last year.

  1. Catch The Sunset

What’s more romantic than the sunset? Find a spot in the area which is ideal for watching the sunset. Once you’ve arrived, spread out a custom-made blanket or just sit in your car to enjoy watching the sun sink.

  1. Hit Up The Farmers Market

Make a menu that you can prepare together. go to the market at your local farmers’ market to buy the ingredients. You’ll be able to connect with your fellow cooks after the process of picking out the ingredients and making the food.


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