How to celebrate Friendship Day

Consider for a moment about the people most close to you. A lot will be part of your extended family, but the rest are your most cherished and genuine family members.

Although you should never need a reason to celebrate your friendship with others (though some have adopted the tradition of the “friend-adversary), each August, Friendship Day is an occasion to be grateful to our friends and show them that we appreciate them to be blessed with the privilege of having them as part of our life. What are you and your BFF(s) decide to honor your BFF(s) this year?

If you’re looking for some ideas you’re in the right place  Below are 10 of our top activities for friendship day.


1. Create friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been around for a long time to signal friendship between BFFs, therefore, if you and yours don’t have one take a look at your materials and start making them! Our guide to DIY for creating friendship bracelets contains all the information you need about this.

2. Take a trip for a stroll along the shoreline

If weather permits you, put on your sunglasses take lunch with you, and don your most stylish beach attire to ensure that you as well as your pal(s) will be able to spend your day outside!

3. Create a dinner party

Have a bunch of friends would like to celebrate with? Set up a dinner gathering at your favorite eatery or the home of someone else! If you prefer to eat in, you could consider having the idea of a potluck, where you ask each guest to bring their favorite food dish to share.

4. Host a TV or movie marathon

Did you miss last week’s episode of your favorite TV show? Are there film series that you’ve always wanted to see, but you’ve never had enough time? If so, you should catch up on your most loved flicks with your friend at you!

5. Go on the time to go on a day trip

Some of the top tourist attractions are within your backyard. Explore a few of the most popular things to do in your city (or adjacent communities) and plan a day of it. one suggestion could be the aquarium, zoo, an enchanting botanical garden or even museums!

6. The best workout is one you can do with your partner!

This doesn’t mean you need to stay in the gym. You can go on cycling, rollerblading along the boardwalk, or hike along the trail you love!

7. Greater Feeling

There’s no more incredible feeling than helping others, and you can be sure that it will feel more enjoyable when you do it with your best friend. Therefore, look up some local organizations and discover who could use assistance!

8. Go to the spa

Ahh, a moment of relaxation! Start your day off by having a manicure or pedicure and then pamper yourself with some massages – you deserve it! It is also possible to build your spa and take advantage of your relaxation time in the comfort of your home. All you need is the right candles, lotions, and soap!

9. Baking Cooking

If your baking or cooking abilities could use a bit of assistance, consider taking the time to take a cooking course! If you’re looking to impress your friend with his favorite dessert or treat, consider making this task yourself before gathering with your friends to truly begin celebrating.

10. Shop

A little retail therapy can never harm anyone! Visit your local outlet, mall, or shopping center and pamper yourself with the accessories and clothes you’ve been wishing to purchase. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat during your shopping trip!

Alongside planning out activities that you can engage in to show your appreciation for your best friends Don’t forget to give them a gift or two. Anything from gifts of flowers or chocolates or an arrangement to show your appreciation for being who you are and your closest friends will appreciate the gesture!

Friendship Day may only come every year, but keep in mind that every day is a great day to be with those who matter most. Don’t be concerned about not being able to attend every one of these events within 24 hours, you still have 364 more days throughout the year to finish them!


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