How do you celebrate sister’s Day?

If you’re lucky enough to have one of your sisters, you’ll realize they’re more than the girl who lives in the bedroom next door. They become your closest friends, your closest confidants, and your partners in the world of crime.

National Sister’s Day 2017 falls on August 7 Get your sister and enjoy these 15 enjoyable and memorable ideas!

Activities to Celebrate National Sister’s Day

Enjoy your childhood memories and the Golden Years with Home Movies

Find those old home movies from the attic to go back to the fun times of your childhood.

Relive your most memorable memories by displaying a photo Timeline

It could be physical work on a poster board or something you create on your computer! Collect photos from all phases of your life and note important milestones and dates and also your most memorable memories.

Put on Your Sunday Best for a Sister Photo Shoot

Have it be a serious event or play around with the “Awkward Family Photos” style. Make it an album that you can share on Facebook or create prints for dad and mom to display! Plus, do you have access to the clothes that both of you were wearing as children? Try to get them on!

Join Forces and Make a Mess in the Kitchen

Pick your favorite dessert recipe and bake it in a sister-like fashion! Invite Mom and Dad to share the fruits of your work since you are theirs to thank for an amazing sister!

Find the scoop on your Sis in the Sister Interview

Set up an interview in a formal setting with your sibling and ask her questions that you might not usually ask. These can be simple and easy or intricate and complicated The possibilities are endless!

Have a Sister-Flick Marathon

Get the popcorn and settle down on the sofa, and enjoy a marathon of your most loved sister films or shows on TV! From The Family, The Trap up to Sister and sister, Hollywood is filled with classic sisters that remind you why they are your best friend.

Connect Your Artist Self through Crafts

Take your smocks and select your top craft projects from the internet and start making! From making flowers that you can make with your partner, to creating friendship bracelets for one another The possibilities for crafting are infinite! Make sure you take pictures during the process to ensure you have exciting ideas for your next #ThrowbackThursday!

Give Back & Volunteer Together

Visit the local soup kitchen, animal shelter, and assisted living homes and connect with your sister through your time volunteering together! You’ll create memories that will last for a lifetime, and you’ll be happy by doing it!

Take in Some Local Entertainment

Visit your neighborhood cultural center or screening venue to take in the local festival or concert. If you’re of divergent tastes, choose something that neither of you normally goes to!

Enjoy Your Love by Reading Literature

Go to the library in your area and select books for your loved ones! This is the perfect way to connect your interests and expand your thinking.

Have a Picnic in the Park

If the weather is good you can pack a picnic of tasty snacks and sweets and spend a wonderful day out with your favorite sister! Bring some games like board games and cards to enjoy endless hours of bonding.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – Literally

Did you visit a spot that you can clearly remember as your top choice? Get in your car and go to your preferred spot whether it’s an eatery, a beach, or just Grandma’s house!

Bond Over a Day of Shopping

Go to the mall and fill your day with some fun shopping! If you don’t own similar fashions, go to at least one that is a favorite of your sister and choose the perfect item that you can add to your wardrobe.

Make Day Special with HTML0. Make Day Extraordinary with a Makeover

It can be both! Make your sister look better from head to the top. Take an after and before photo to share the experience!

Have an Old-School Dance Party

Parent’s out? Get that stereo on full blast and enjoy a dance night with all the most loved songs from your young years!


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