Child Developmental Milestones

The first five years of life are a crucial period for a child’s growth and development in all areas – physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. Motor development, or physical development, refers to how young children move their bodies and use their hands.

Find out more about motor development milestones and when babies roll over, sit up, crawl, stand and walk. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently launched an interactive online tool called Physical Developmental Delays: What to Look For.

This tool is for parents of children ages 5 and under who are concerned about their child’s motor development. This tool provides parents with information about what to look for when they are concerned about their child’s motor development.

It also includes a developmental milestones checklist that parents can use to track their child’s progress.

We hope that this tool will help parents of children with physical developmental delays get the information and support they need.

The tool provides a comprehensive list of physical activities, categorized by age. If you’re worried that your child hasn’t reached a certain milestone, or if there has been any regression, you can check the boxes next to the activity description.

This will generate a list – with space for notes – that you can take to the next pediatrician appointment.

Newborn Babies

  1. A newborn will turn their head easily from side to side. When lying on their back, they will move their head one way and then another.
  2. Newborns will comfort themselves by bringing their hands to their faces to suck on their fingers or fist.
  3. A newborn will keep their hands mostly closed and fisted.
  4. A newborn will blink at bright lights.

1 Month Babies

  1. Baby will raise their head slightly off the floor when lying on their stomach.
  2. Baby will hold their head up for a moment when supported.
  3. Baby will keep their hands in fists.
  4. Baby will comfort themselves by sucking on their fist or fingers.

2 Months Babies

Your baby will be able to:

  1. Hold their head up and begin to push up with their arms when lying on their stomach.
  2. Make smoother movements with their arms and legs.
  3. Move both arms and both legs equally well.
  4. Bring their hands to their mouth.

3 Months Babies

  1. Baby will be able to lift their head and chest when lying on their stomach.
  2. They will move their arms and legs easily and vigorously.
  3. There will be an improvement in head control.

4 Months Babies

  1. Baby will be able to hold their head steady without support.
  2. They will grab and shake toys, and bring their hands to their mouth.
  3. Baby will be able to push down on their legs when their feet are placed on a hard surface.
  4. They will be able to push up to their elbows when lying on their stomach.
  5. Baby will rock from side to side and may roll over from tummy to back

6 Months Babies

  1. Baby will roll over in both directions.
  2. With a little help, the baby will be able to sit up.
  3. Baby will be able to support their weight on both legs when standing, and might bounce a little.
  4. Baby will rock back and forth on their hands and knees, and may crawl backward before moving forward.

9 Months Babies

  1. Baby will be able to get in and out of a sitting position, and will sit well without support.
  2. Baby will creep or crawl.
  3. Baby will pull themselves up to stand, and will stand while holding on to furniture (cruising).
  4. Baby will begin to take steps while holding on to furniture for support.

12 Months Babies

  1. Pulls to stand and walks holding onto furniture.
  2. Gets into a sitting position without help.
  3. Begins to stand alone.
  4. Begins to take steps alone.

18 Months Babies

  1. Walks alone and begins to run and walk up the steps.
  2. Walks backward pulling the toy.
  3. Feeds themself with a spoon and drinks from a cup.
  4. Helps dress and undress self.

2 Years Babies

  1. Kicks a ball forward.
  2. Throws a ball overhand.
  3. Walks up and down stairs holding on to the railing.
  4. Stands on tiptoes.
  5. Begins to run without falling down frequently.
  6. Climbs on and off furniture without help.

3 Years Babies

  1. Climbs and runs well.
  2. Walks up and down stairs, with one foot on each step.
  3. Jumps with both feet, and may hop on one foot.
  4. Pedals tricycle or three-wheel bike.

4 Years Babies

  1. Catches a bounced ball most of the time.
  2. Hops and stands on one foot for a few seconds.
  3. Pours beverages, cuts with supervision, and mashes own food.

5 Years Babies

  1. Hops and may be able to skip.
  2. Does somersaults.
  3. Uses a fork and spoon, and sometimes a table knife.
  4. Stands on one foot for at least 10 seconds.
  5. Uses the toilet independently.
  6. Swings and climbs

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