8 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Home

As opposed to what thought as a child, being an adult isn’t about eating all the candy you’d like or staying up all night (I am missing bedtimes after 7 pm and some other person taking away my KitKat consumption).

Being an adult is about taking responsibility and making decisions that are right for your health, your, and happiness. “Being an adult” looks and feels different for all of us, however, there are some things women should be able to have in their home.

No matter if you live in the largest of homes as well as “a studio apartment in a big city” (AKA closet) storage space) as I do, you need items that women need to be able to truly feel like an adult and make a home (or a “closet”) feel like home. Here are 15 items that every woman should have in their home (for any budget).

1. A top-quality coffee maker that makes the coffee you’ll enjoy

It’s true that not visiting Starbucks every day can save money in the long run, but something is satisfying about making the coffee that you enjoy by yourself (artisanal coffee, French-press cappuccino, espresso shot, foamy milk latte.).

A good espresso or coffee maker is well worth the investment since a scrumptious cup of coffee or homemade latte might become the highlight of your day and set your whole day off with a positive outlook.

2. The best closet organization

Making the effort to fully sort out your closet isn’t just important in terms of your clothing (imagine all the outfits that you can create when you look at everything you have! ) But it’s essential for your mental wellbeing.

Imagine how relaxed you’d feel if you walked into a clean, organized place to get dressed at the beginning of the day, rather than the cluttered, messy, black hole. Donate the clothes you don’t use or use anymore, hang them on matching hangers (stick to wooden or velvet materials) as well as buy storage solutions to organize the most chaotic spaces in your closet.

3. A reliable vacuum

It’s a fact that for about six months since moving into my new home I didn’t have an air purifier. I had always said I’d get a good one in the future but I only had a broom and a dustpan every day (that’s sufficient, right? WRONG).

After (finally) purchasing an automated vacuum cleaner and a robot vacuum, my life was completely transformed and, no, it’s not an exaggeration. My whole apartment is now clean and I am more relaxed when I’m in my home (seriously).

It’s time to get rid of the low-cost handheld vacuum, or your daily broom or dustpan and get an appliance that gets everything done. You’ll have the ability to vacuum less frequently for a more tidy home, and you’ll feel more comfortable that even the smallest dust and crumbs are taken into consideration.

4. Bottles to help keep you hydrated while on the go (sustainably!)

Drinking water (and plenty of it) is among the most beneficial things you could do to maintain your well-being. But, it’s often not the easiest task to remember to do especially in the rush (or let’s face it even when you’re in your home).

A bottle of water around all the time is the best method to keep well-hydrated. Be sure to have attractive water bottles that you can reuse which are not only simple to carry around, but also make you feel the need to take more fluids.

5. Healthy cookbooks to use as your go-to

You can certainly find recipes for every event or ingredient on the internet (that’s the purpose you’re using Pinterest for, right? is all about, isn’t it? ) There’s something sexy about browsing physical pages and marking the recipes you’d like to test.

Recipes online are useful for a quick fix or when you’re planning to try something new with your food, but you need to look for physical cookbooks with recipes that you’re interested in.

PS If you have a book that’s stained by wine or batter (as they will all be if you make use of these recipes regularly) can cause you to feel as if Ina Garden.

6. Set of glasses for wine

It’s a mature age now: red Solo glasses (or slapping the bag when you think about your college years with a smidgen of regret like me) are no longer a thing. Get yourself the set of around six or four glass wine bottles (depending on how many guests will be able to host at the same time) to keep on hand for guests.

You’ll be inspired to throw dinner events (so grown-up, right??) or enjoy a relaxing glass of wine at the end of the long day, to take care of yourself.

7. Blender that is simple and use (and wash)

If you own a high-end complex, complicated, hard-to-clean blender, we’ll be honest that you’re likely not going to make use of it. However, a blender is essential to healthy cooking. It is a great tool to prepare delicious smoothies, sauces and salad dressings, soups lattes with frothy batter, pancake batter, and many more.

Be sure to have a blender that you often use by choosing one that’s small enough that it can fit on shelves that are convenient and easily cleaned.

8. Living plants

There’s something extremely empowering (and essential) when you have a living thing in your home you can take charge of. If you consider your “living thing” as an adorable cat or dog You should think about buying some plants to create an element of green for your living space.

If you live in a tiny space that isn’t well lit consider an indoor herb garden (plants can make your food taste better! ) If you’ve always said you’d never be a plant-lover Try a cactus or succulent that requires minimal care.


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