10 clever ways to make the candle last longer

I’m convinced by the fact that candles can solve nearly every problem. Do you have a strange scent in your house? Light a candle! Are you feeling down? Light a candle! You’ve lost power?

Make sure you light lots of candles! (Uh be sure to have an extinguisher in the house to use in the event of.) However, although many low-cost candles smell fantastic, the majority of expensive candles are pretty expensive.

In the end, regardless of the amount you’ve spent on them, once you’ve found the candle’s that you love you’d like to make them last the longest time you can imagine.

After a quick pleading to the gods of the candle (Google), I’ve learned some lit candle hacks that will keep the sweet (or musky…or flowery) scent going on for a long time. Fast-evaporating and uneven melting will soon disappear into the past.

The best part is that the majority of these candles require things you probably already have at homes such as tin foil and salt.

(P.S. If this hacking of candles has made you want to try a complete DIY, you should try making your essential oil candle.)

You can freeze your candles.

If you have that amazing quality of forethought then you should put it in the freezer to chill for a few hours before lighting it. The cold temperatures make the wax more brittle and burn slower.

Keep cutting your wick.

The energy of a big wick isn’t acceptable here, as a large burning wick is a sign of a large flame and a large flame can mean that your candle will burn much quicker. When you’re ready to light your candle, you should make sure to give the wick a tiny cut to keep the flame at an absolute minimum.

Commit to the burn.

A candle that is burning for just one or two minutes at a stretch is not a good idea. The result is that you melt the wax that is in the middle close to the wick, while the edges outside won’t melt since they’re not able to become hot and melt.

It’s a loss of wax I will tell you! Be sure to burn to ensure that the upper layer of the wax has equally melted.

Aluminum foil is a great solution to the majority of burn-related accidents.

If you’ve already made one of the above wrongs (HOW do you even know?) and are struggling with a pile of unbalanced wax around the outside of the jar it’s not yet too late.

Get a huge sheet of aluminum foil and unfold it in a lengthwise fashion 3 or 4 times to create a long rectangular shape that can be wrapped around the exterior of the jar. Keep it tightly wrapped, as the candle is burning, and Voila! You’ll have a perfectly balanced candle in no time.

Straighten the wick. every. single. time.

To ensure your burn stays even-stevens, ensure that your wick remains straight down and up at the end of each sesh. If it appears to be leaning towards one side, simply make a small adjustment using your fingers once it’s cooled and cooled down, that’s it.

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Sprinkle a bit of salt into the wax.

Here’s where we can get hack-y. If you’re looking to extend the burning time of your candle by adding a little salt to the melted candle after blowing it out.

Then, give it a quick stir using a chopstick, toothpick, or any other tool you have available. Salt will reduce the time it takes to burn the moment you light it the next time.

Limit your burn time to 4 hours.

This one is to protect the public. Some unfortunate customers have reported that their candles explode after being allowed to burn for too long. If you don’t take this warning seriously, you may not only lose your candle but the entire home as well as all your personal belongings as well. It’s better to be safer than to be sorry!

Water isn’t your best friend.

If you are concerned that your candle’s flame is becoming a little out of hand Do not (I reiterate, do not) make use of water to flush it out. The water can splash the melted wax all over the place and cause havoc on the texture of any wax remains.

Make use of a lid or candle snuffer to avoid this. A lack of oxygen can instantly kill the flame.

There is a cooling-off time.

Once you’ve lit your candle, you can take a brisk beat and let it cool completely before lighting it up. If you don’t, you’ll have massively uneven wax.

Make use of boiling water to wash out Jars.

If you’ve managed to get to the final bottle of your candle, congratulations! Instead of throwing the jar away with the last layer of wax that’s not burnable at the bottom, add some hot water to the container which will melt the wax, making it easier to take off.

The glass containers to plant a new plant, store hair tie clips, or anything else you want to store in them.


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