20 strategies to decrease the loss of hair in males

Hair loss is among the most frequent problems in the world that affects one-third percent of people. Everyone loses 100 hair stands each day.

A variety of factors can trigger hair loss in males. From hormonal fluctuations to medical conditions, hair loss can be caused by numerous other causes. It is the that is most prevalent in males but it can happen to women as well. The process of losing hair can differ from individual to individual.

Some people experience it to be gradual, while others may notice a sudden loss of hair or patches of baldness across their heads.

It’s a natural process therefore there’s no reason to be concerned about the possibility of losing a few hair follicles. There are many possible reasons for the loss of hair, such as mineral deficiencies, diet or treatments, stress, and genetics.

Wearing a cap, helmet or hat could be a factor in men’s hair loss. This is a list of 20 options to assist in reducing or dealing with the loss of hair.

Wash your hair regularly using a mild shampoo

Regularly washing your hair is an important aspect of preventing loss of hair by keeping your scalp and hair clean. In doing so, you’re decreasing the chance of getting infections and dandruff which could cause hair loss or breakage. In addition, clean hair creates the illusion of greater volume.

Vitamins for hair loss

Vitamins aren’t just healthy for general health but also for hair health. Vitamin A encourages the healthy production of sebum on your scalp. Vitamin E improves blood circulation in the scalp, which helps hair follicles stay productive. vitamin B aids in maintaining its healthy color.

Enrich your diet with protein

Consuming lean meats, fish, and soy, as well as other proteins, boost hair health and, in turn, helps reduce hair loss.

Massage your scalp with essential oils

People who have experienced the loss of hair for some time should massage their scalp with essential oils for several minutes. It will help your hair follicles to remain healthy. It is possible to add lavender in the form of sesame oil or almonds.

Do not brush wet hair

When hair is wet it is in its weakest condition. Therefore, avoid brushing hair that is wet since the risk of loss of hair is higher. If you have to brush wet hair, make sure you make sure to use a comb that has a large tooth. Be careful not to brush hair often because it can damage hair and lead to loss. Make use of your fingers to remove hair tangles, and not a comb, or brush.

Ginger juice or garlic, ginger juice, or onion juice

Rub the juice on your scalp, then leave it overnight, then clean it out early in the day. Keep it up for a week. You will notice an improvement.

Drink plenty of water

The hair shaft contains one-quarter of water, so drink a minimum of 4-8 cups of water daily to keep hydrated and aid in the development and health of hair.

Apply green tea to your hair

Studies have proven that rubbing tea bags into hair could reduce hair loss. You only need to boil two bags of tea in a cup of water then let it cool, and afterward, apply the tea to your hair. Rinse thoroughly within an hour. To see the results, do this every week for up to 10 days.

Be aware of what is not good for hair

Suppose you’re looking to keep your hair healthy and know how to take good care of the hair. Don’t rub your hair dry using a towel. Instead, let the natural drying of hair.

Reduce Alcoholic Beverages

If you’re losing hair, you should reduce the amount of alcohol you drink because alcohol reduces hair growth. Therefore, reduce or stop drinking alcohol to experience the growth of your hair increase.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can reduce the quantity of blood flowing to the scalp, which reduces hair growth.

Physical activities

Get active each day. Take a walk, swim, or bike for 30 minutes each day. This aids in balancing hormone levels and reducing stress levels and also decreasing hair loss.


Research in the past has identified medical evidence that links stress with loss of hair. Relax yourself one method to do this is by engaging in meditation. Alternative therapies like yoga and meditation do not just alleviate stress, but also restore the balance of hormones.

Avoid constant heating and drying

Do not expose your hair to constant continuous heating and drying methods. Hair proteins are weakened by heat, and the continuous heating and drying could cause weakness and fragility which causes hair loss.

Keep your head sweat free

Oily hair can have dandruff issues during the summer months because of sweating. The chance of falling hair rises. Utilizing shampoos that contain aloe vera and neem, can help keep your head cool and help prevent dandruff.

Additionally, those who wear helmets notice a significant loss of hair in the summer. Because sweat builds up within the pores, it weakens hair roots, causing hair loss for men. Thus, wearing a scarf/ bandanna to cover your hair or a terrycloth headband will help prevent the loss of hair.

Modify the way you dress your hair (for males who have long hair)

If you’ve noticed that you’re losing hair recently, it is time to loosen your hair. Hairstyles like ponytails, braids and synthetic hairstyles pull hair, or pull hair follicles and could eventually lead to baldness.

Be aware of your wellbeing

Health issues are indicators of loss of hair. Make sure you manage chronic diseases, high fevers, and infections correctly to ensure healthy hair.

Monitor medications

Certain medications can cause side effects One of them may be loss of hair. Talk to your doctor about any conditions you might be suffering from. Inform him of any medication that causes hair loss, and, if this is the case, request a change in the medication.

Stay clear of the use of chemicals

Chemicals that are harmful and permanent coloring products can be detrimental to hair health. When you’re suffering from loss of hair, it is recommended not to dye your hair.

Make appointments with doctors regularly

There are a variety of health issues that are skin-related, especially, which cause hormonal balances, which can result in hair loss. It is important to see an appointment with your doctor every month to discuss the root cause of your illness and condition.

Other ways to stop hair loss


Biotin also referred to as Vitamin H is among the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. Research suggests that including biotin-rich foods into your diet, or taking supplements with biotin may reduce hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair fall issues, include biotin-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, nuts eggs, onions, eggs, and oats into your diet.


Bhringraj Also called False Daisy, is a healing herbal plant utilized for a long period to create Ayurvedic remedies to stop hair loss. According to research conducted in lab mice, Bhringraj extract can promote hair growth.

Green tea

Green tea is not just helpful when trying to lose weight, it is also a natural solution for hair loss. Green tea is a source of polyphenolic compounds. These are thought to be very beneficial in preventing hair loss.


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