14 easy hacks to make your home look fancy

We set a goal of building our dream house shortly and do our best to achieve it. Have you ever passed by a beautiful home and looked at the beauty for a couple of minutes? I’m sure I have! I went about my day thinking that I’d probably never be able to afford it…

But what if you were able to make a stunning home with cheap decorating tips from the dollar store? In the end, it’s about mixing cool ideas and an eye for style. If you’re not a creative person do not fret!

We’ll provide you with a list of innovative home hacks that can change the look of your home.

Here are our 14 favorite decorating hacks to create an elegant home:

  1. Choose lighter shades in small spaces to make it seem larger

If you’re struggling to find space, the first method you can employ to make your room appear larger is to paint your walls in soft, light colors. Beige and white will never go out of fashion If they appear to be dull then you could always opt for pastel shades such as straw or pearl gray, blush sky blue, sage, or eggshell.

  1. Signal your style by decorating your front door with an attractive color

The front of your door will be your home’s initial impression. Inform your neighbors about who you are by painting it with an eye-catching, glossy hue.

In reality, you could even take it even further and make an impact by choosing a color to paint your door. employ the conventions. For example, In Feng Shui, a red front door simply signifies “welcome.”

While in Scotland the color red on your front door signifies that you have got your mortgage paid off.

  1. Place your router inside an unfinished book

Are you fed up with that router that is ruining the look of your bookcase or coffee table? Utilize a hollowed-out piece of paper to cover the router. Make sure you remove the section which covers the router’s vents. So you can stop it from becoming overheated.

  1. To cast a beautiful shadow, employ a Sharpie pen to draw lines on the light bulb.

or color it in full If you like gentle light. But, if you opt to draw a simple smiling visage (let’s take a look) on a lightbulb and then color it, the design will not reflect on the walls. The pattern will not be drawn as you intended it, of course. You can draw it in the interest of aesthetics.

  1. Paint the sides of your doors with a vibrant and playful shade

This is a simple DIY home decor trick that can have a major impact. Additionally, it requires only minimal effort and energy. Take a small can of paint, select the perfect color you feel will complement the accessories you’ve already put in place into your decor, and commit an hour to this little home project. The result will be amazing!

  1. Utilize an old ladder to make the shoe rack of your dreams

We are in love with DIY hacks that need very little or no cost. If you are not happy with how your old ladder appears you can paint it, or simply place it in the right place. You won’t find numerous pairs of footwear piled on top of your front door.

  1. Reimagine a dull dark lamp shade by poking holes into it

It’s more about creating an image by poking at the lamp shade. It’s your goal to make it appear more appealing but not ruin it. With just a bit of dedication, you can make a beautiful look or your city lights.

  1. Restore furniture that was damaged with contact paper

If you’re in search of cheap DIY home decorating ideas, breathe new life back into an older furniture piece by covering the damage using contact paper. The great feature of contacts is the fact that it can apply it to any dry, flat, clean smooth surface (not to mention it’s available in a myriad of beautiful patterns and colors that the design options are virtually limitless).

In the same way, the kitchen countertops have the marble look you’ve always wanted but you can’t afford.

  1. Coins can be used as decorations… what you’d like

The time is now to break out of the piggy bank and think of something new. Create a penny floor and put your collection of coins on an image frame or the surface of a plate. DIY home decor ideas are a smart option to make use of your pennies.

  1. Frame your most loved photos with washi tape

We all love hanging pictures on walls However, when we aren’t able to find space, picture frames could overtake the space. One option that’s less costly and cost-effective is to frame your photos using washi tape and then attach them to your wall.

  1. Make your home more inviting by putting colorful throw pillows in your room.

The small cushions make great accents for your couch. Don’t be in a rush of mixing textures and colors. A fresh new set of pillow covers can transform the overall look of your living space.

  1. Make a statement with a chic backslash

You can make it work for your kitchen and your bathroom without spending a fortune. Take note of patterns and colors to create joy with minimal effort on your part. Peel and stick tiles so that you do not break your piggy bank.

  1. Mirrors can be used to increase the size of your room

Large mirrors reflect the space and fool you into thinking that the space is larger than it is. It’s a fantastic illusion for making your space appear bigger (and more luxurious) but be sure that you do not go to the other room.

  1. Get rid of things that aren’t needed

If you have items that you’ve not used for long or something causes you to groan, you should take them off your shelf. Don’t be a hoarder and give yourself a space to breathe. It is better to be sparse in decorating your home.


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