As we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no one method you can apply makeup and there aren’t any makeup steps that are fixed in stone. However, we’re in a position to give you an outline of the steps used by us as part of the Colorescience Team.

We’ve taken the time to ensure the order in which you apply makeup is the best sense and will give you an amazing makeup look!
Alright, makeup is in the bag. Let’s get started.

Steps to Applying Makeup

  1. How to Apply Moisturizer
  2. How to Apply Primer
  3. How to Apply Liquid Foundation
  4. How to Apply Concealer
  5. How to Apply Foundation Powder
  6. How to Apply Bronzer
  7. How to Apply Blush
  8. How to Apply Highlighter
  9. How to Apply Eyeshadow
  10. How to Apply Eyeliner
  11. How to Apply Mascara
  12. How to Apply Lip Gloss
  13. How to Apply Setting Spray & Powder


Before making your face makeup application, make sure you take the time to prepare your skin using a top-quality moisturizer. Selecting the best moisturizer is a vital part of the piece. Let’s examine the different kinds that you can choose from, ranked from the lightest to the heaviest:

  1. Face Mists Water-based treatments which may contain skin-boosting ingredients and scents. Face mists aren’t designed to restore moisture to your skin, but they are an effective tool to maintain your skin looking dewy throughout the day. Just spray throughout the day whenever your skin is dry.
  2. Serums are a lightweight solution that is easily absorbed by the skin. There’s a broad selection of serums designed specifically to treat specific areas. Some serums assist in moisturizing the skin and preventing wrinkles, while some have ingredients that could bring brightness to dull skin.
  3. Lotions They are the most commonly used type of moisturizer that will benefit all skin types. Look for lotions identified in the category of “non-comedogenic”; these products are designed to prevent clogging of the pores.
  4. Creams are a good option if your skin requires extra care It could be the right time to purchase a cream moisturizer. It’s a thicker and heavier product that will help hydrate dry skin. Day creams can be applied as a base for your makeup, while evening creams have been designed to provide your skin with an extra boost of moisture during your rest. Apply them before bed and when you wake up, you’ll notice soft, soft skin.
  5. Oils: If your skin needs additional moisturizing, you should consider oils. Certain oils are an excellent option for people who have sensitive, dry as well as normal, skin. If you’re an acne-prone person or have a need to use specially designed products for oily skin You should stay clear of the products that moisturize your skin with oil.

The art of applying moisturizer properly is only half the challenge. Apply a tiny amount of the moisturizer to your fingers. The amount ought to be the equivalent of the size of one quarter.

Begin with spreading your moisturizer over your forehead. Begin at the center of your face and go outwards and upwards. Repeat the process beginning at the nose and applying the moisturizer to your cheeks.

Be sure to rub the moisturizer evenly on your face to prevent getting your pores blocked. After you’ve applied enough moisturizing cream, gently massage it into your skin using circles. Give it some time to dry before moving on to another step.


After your skin has been well-hydrated, prepare your face using primer. No matter if you’re planning on applying an even layer of foundation or a full application of makeup primer is a crucial first step. Applying primer to your makeup can help make your makeup last longer.

What exactly is primer? Imagine it as an essential base for foundation or makeup that can help make your makeup stay on your face for longer. Primers are soft creams and gels that smooth out the pores and lines on your skin, smoothing rough textures and creating the perfect canvas to apply your make-up.

For applying your primer, start by squeezing a little onto your fingers, or onto your favorite makeup sponge or brush. The best tip: A little amount can go a long way. Start with a dime-sized quantity of primer on the middle of your face. gradually move it toward your forehead, cheeks, and chin.

If you’re looking to apply primer on the delicate skin around your eyes (and keep your smoky eye looking professional all day) Be sure to locate a product specifically designed for this particular area of your face.

Eyelids are prone to collecting oil during the day. This can lead to creating a “creased” look in the eyeshadow. If your eyes are oily, and you apply eyeshadow or eyeliner in the absence of primer, the application could turn out to be uneven and patchy.


When it is about the foundation, choosing the right shade for your skin type is top of the list. The correct color of your foundation could make an enormous difference. How do you choose the right color?

Test foundation colors against your jawline. After applying foundation, if the foundation fades away without the form of blending, you’ve found the perfect shade. This could take some trial and error however, choosing the correct shade is essential.

Once you’ve picked the product you want to use, think about the tools you’ll need to use for applying it. Some women prefer using their fingers, while some prefer using beauty tools such as sponges and brushes.

If you’re seeking an easy-to-coverage look the fingers could prove to be the perfect application method, but don’t apply makeup without washing your hands thoroughly and wash your hands after applying makeup. You do not want to discover your makeup fingerprints all over your home.

If you want a more complete coverage go for an applicator brush or a beauty blender.

Start at the center of your face, and blend the foundation inwards. When you apply your foundation across your face, ensure that you apply it with a broom. Some women will stipple the damp sponge on their foundation to make sure it’s absorbed into the lines and wrinkles and create a more smooth, even appearance. Certain kinds of makeup brushes can be used to apply foundation evenly onto the skin.


Two major types of concealer are liquid and stick/compact.

Liquid concealer is great for times when you require even coverage across a large part of your face. Liquid concealer is also ideal when you want to give your face an even, smooth finish, particularly on wrinkled areas such as around the mouth and eyes.

Compact and stick concealers are ideal for coverage that is more intense for smaller, more targeted areas of the face.

Picking the Color of Your Concealer

It is advisable to purchase 2 shades of concealer. The first should be similar to your skin tone and could be used to conceal pimples, dark spots, and other facial flaws. The other one should have a lighter shade than skin tone and can highlight specific areas on the face or add a sense of clarity to your makeup.

Note that some women prefer applying concealer before applying liquid foundation. The sequence of these two steps is dependent on your preference, as is trial and trial and. Test both methods and determine which one is the most effective for creating smooth and beautiful skin.

Colorescience Finishing Touch Protocol product collection includes both and everything else you need to create a flawless appearance! If you are applying foundation with powder make sure you apply concealer first.

Where to Apply Concealer

To lessen the shadows of darker circles under the eyes and to create an energizing, bright appearance apply a light concealer underneath the eyes using a damp makeup brush or sponge, and then consider applying an eye shadow or Dark circle cream.

If you’re using a concealer to reduce the appearance of imperfections apply it directly to the problem areas.

To make your face appear more radiant, apply concealer in cream or liquid form and put small dots on these areas:

  • Over the middle of your forehead.
  • In the middle of your nose
  • Your eyes are watching you
  • A curving arch is located just above the level of your cheeks just below your bottom lip

Blend it gently into the skin surrounding it Make certain to cover it with an application powder or foundation.


The application of foundation powder can be an intimidating process. Apply Too little and you might be able to skip the step entirely Too much and you’ll end up sporting the unwelcome “cake look”.

To achieve flawless skin You’ve probably heard plenty of tips about powder foundation. Follow these guidelines to achieve that flawless complexion.

With a big brush that is fluffy Start by dusting an even layer of powder over your face. Make sure to press the bristles into the powder and move them across your skin in long and arching strokes.

If there are specific areas of your face that require more coverage (the oily and red areas of your face tend to be located in the middle) It is possible to apply more powder.

In this process, you need to dip your brush in the powder and then press it into your skin. This step will help the powder get into the pores and lines to give smoother and more natural-looking skin.

Makeup that’s so lightweight, you’ll be able to forget you’re wearing it!

The mineral formula of Colorescience is lightweight easy to apply and helps keep your skin looking fresh and radiant.


The bronzer will make your skin have that radiant sun-kissed look all year round. Utilize a special bronzer brush to spread an even golden tan over your face. Bronzer brushes are made of bristles that are larger and positioned close to each other to ensure you get the best out of your vibrant bronzer with every swipe.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Bronzer

A very frequently-made mistake with bronzers is selecting the incorrect shade. If you’re new to working with bronzers choose one that’s two shades lighter than your skin at the most.

Where to Apply Bronzer

After you’ve selected the correct shade, apply the bronzer in the form of an elongated numeral “3” on both sides of your face. Start with your forehead and draw the bronzer down your cheeks and sweep across your jawline to your chin. Tips: Make sure to incorporate the bronzer with your neck. Repeat the opposite direction.


The cheeks that are flushed are a staple of glamour in makeup for ages. If you’re looking to add some brightness and color to your skin it could be that blush is your answer. Make use of a thick brush with many bristles for applying your blush. This will ensure that you get the most out of each brush stroke.

Where to Apply Blush

There’s no universal formula to apply blush. Make use of the shade of the blush to help determine where you’ll apply it.

  • Pink blush: When applying blush pink apply it just on the cheeks’ apples. It is designed to replicate the natural flush that your body produces as blood flows into your cheeks. To identify those cheek’s apples, don your most dazzling smile. “Apple” refers to the cheek area “apple” refers to the portion of the cheek in the front which becomes more noticeable when you smile.
  • The plum blush is for those with dark to medium skin tones who can use plum blushes in the same manner as those with fair skin tones who make use of lighter pink blushes.
  • The peach color: Instead, of using blush pink only on the cheeks’ apples use these shades to shape your face. They can also add an ounce of shade. Make a twirl on your face on one side (as if you were licking your lips while moving them towards the other side of your face). Then, smear the blush of peach along your cheekbones starting close to your ears, and finishing near the apples of your cheeks.


The perfect highlighter will add extra glitz and shine to any makeup appearance. If you’re looking for a natural-looking look or prefer something more striking and stunning, highlighters can help you with your makeup.

Highlighters are available in various types, such as liquids, powders, and creams. You may choose to apply one or choose your preferred combination of three or two. Whatever you decide to do the process of applying remains the same.

Where to Apply Highlighter

Once you’ve completed a flawless canvas with your foundation routine, draw the areas of your face that you would like to emphasize.

First, using a highlighter that is liquid apply the highlighter in those areas as follows:

  • The bridge of your nose
  • The cheekbones’ uppers
  • In the corners of your eyelids.
  • On your eyebrow bone
  • The indentation that is over the upper part of your lip (also known as”the Cupid’s Bow)
  • The forehead’s center
  • The center of your chin

After you’re pleased with the application of your liquid highlighter Blend it in with your fingers or with a sponge. To get the most out of your highlighter, cover it using powder or cream highlighter on the areas you want to highlight.

Improve your appearance and present your best self!

Colorescience provides everything you require to get beautiful, healthy skin.


Eyeshadows can enhance your makeup style, whether you choose neutral shades or you go by using vibrant hues. Whatever style you choose pick two eyeshadows in two shades: one light shade with a dark shade.

The eyeshadow brush should be dipped in the light shade and used the brush to eliminate any extra product. Apply the lighter shadow over all of your lids, beginning from the lash line, and finishing at the crease of your eyes.

Then, dip your brush into the darker color and tap off any excess. Apply the color to the outside of your eyes, just above the eyelash line. Apply the darker shade across your eyelid’s crease close to the eyebrow bone. Make sure to stop the application in the middle of your eyelids, since you do not want to darken your inner corners. Make sure you use a clear eyeshadow brush and mix both shades. If you’d like to achieve a more intense look, apply the darker shadow again.


It can be a challenge to apply eyeliner. One small mistake and you’re left in “raccoon” eyes. Get rid of your eye makeup problems by using these simple techniques to apply eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliner

  • Liquid eyeliner: if you’re seeking precision, then liquid eyeliner is the new most trusted companion. It is available in bottle form that is applied using the use of a fine dip brush. It is also possible to find a liquid liner that is a marker pen.

    How to apply: Using liquid eyeliner, begin thin around the inside of your eyes, and then increase the thickness of the liner toward the outside corner. It is possible to begin lining in near the center of your eyes, or at the inner corner. You should make sure to keep the liner’s tip and brush close to your lash line as you can. Utilize small strokes of your liner brush to create tiny lashes along the line, and then join them to fill the gaps. If your hand gets sloppy do not be concerned! Apply a little eye makeup remover on the Q-tip and then clean the area.

  • Eyeliner made of gel: This form of eyeliner is typically sold in a tiny pot equipped with a small brush to apply. Gel eyeliner is ideal to create a cat-eye style.

    How to apply to use it: Dip a flat sharp brush into a gel pot. Make sure to swirl the brush around until each side has the product on the brush, and begin applying at the center of the lash line moving upwards. After that, draw an outline of your eye from the inside corner of your eyes towards the middle of your eye, connecting both lines.

  • The pencil eyeliner is usually the best option for eyeliner newbies. Sharp pencil eyeliner is simple to apply on your waterline, and it’s perfect for creating a smoky eye.

    How to apply Sharpen your pencil every time you apply it. After drawing your eyelid tight, draw tiny lighter dots starting from the outside corner of the upper part of your eyelid. Begin to work your way towards an inner part of the eyes to outline dotted lines, as closest to the eyelash line as you can. Make the dots connect using your pencil or a smaller shadow brush, to mix the dots.


If you’re planning to use only one cosmetic product mascara must be at the top of the list. A few strokes of mascara can make your eyes appear more radiant in just a few steps.

There are mascaras available in a wide range of shades however brown and black are the most well-known. Begin by curling your eyelashes using the help of an eyelash curler.

Curling your eyelashes is a simple process.

  • Apply the curler to the bottom of your eyes’ upper lashes taking care not to pull any of the delicate skin that surrounds your eyelid.
  • Close the curler slowly.
  • Keep it in place for just a few seconds
  • Release gently

Once your eyelashes have curled, take out your mascara tube. Use the wand gently to make sure all the bristles are covered in mascara. Tips: Avoid pumping the wand inside the tube because this can allow air to enter and could cause your mascara to become clumpy.

Make sure to gently move the mascara brush over the roots of the lashes. This will increase the volume that you can then push through towards the ends of the lashes. If your lashes get clumpy take an oiled wand, clean, and then brush through the lashes. Do a second application to get greater volume.


Before applying the gloss, prepare your lips. If your lips appear chapped and cracked, make sure to apply the lips with soft scrub. This will get rid of any dead skin cells and apply the protecting gloss to your lips. Then, apply an oil-based moisturizer or lip conditioner to further soften your lips. Once your lip balm is absorbed, rub any excess.

Begin to apply your lip gloss starting from the middle of your lips. Then, apply the applicator around your lips. Make sure to not pull the gloss over your natural lip line and then smack your lips lightly to ensure that the lip gloss covers all the corners and crevices of your lips.


Setting sprays or setting powder can be the last finishing touch to the makeup you apply. If you’re looking for makeup that lasts all day long, with no scratching, smudges, or shining it is essential to purchase a high-quality setting product.

Sprays for settings are designed for all types of skin and can create a variety of appearances, no matter if you’re wearing lighter makeup or wearing a full face of stunning makeup. Setting sprays help keep all your make-up in one place which helps to minimize the need to reapply and keeps your makeup looking flawless for long periods.

Setting spray will be to your face what hairspray can be applied to your elegant do, and is applied in the same way. Keep the bottle at least 8 inches away from your face and then spray several times to make sure all visible areas are fully covered. If you’re looking to ensure that your makeup is completely complete from the forehead to the chin, first spray an X pattern on your face. Follow the spritz with the shape of a T.

It’s not necessary to apply the spray after application since it will dry naturally in minutes.

Final Look

Your makeup is done. With these makeup application tricks, it’s simple to make a variety of beautiful styles, no matter if you’re heading to work or out on a night out.


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