13 hacks to create jewllery

We’re all searching for ways to simplify our lives, and having some helpful tricks in our pockets can make a massive difference. We’ve compiled 13 of our top tips for buying storage, caring for, and storing your jewelry.

  1. Make use of a paper clip to secure a bracelet. Have you ever felt the anxiety of trying to lock an awkward bracelet on your own? A loosely coiled clip of paper could be the answer. Begin by opening the end of the clip and connecting it to any of the chains on the bottom of the chain. Keep the clip in the same hand that you will wear the bracelet. Wrap the chain around your wrist, then hook on the clasp to an appropriate chain link.
  2. The ring that is stuck to your finger? Use Windex! Simply spray Windex all over the ring and it can be sprayed on your knuckle too. Move the ring between your fingers to spread the lubrication underneath the metal, then wiggle your fingers out. Make sure you check for resistance to Windex on the inside of your band before spraying generously, as some metals might react.
  3. Apply the transparent nail polish to protect away the tarnish. Costume jewelry is an enjoyable way to add some spice to an outfit, however, it’s not the most attractive way to wear it. Paint a thin layer of polish on the jewelry and let it dry completely before wearing. It’s a href=”https://swierengajewelers.com/2018/10/how-to-clean-tarnished-costume-jewelry /”>(Need help removing any tarnish you have already got? )
  4. Increase the length of necklaces by adding an anklet or necklace with a bracelet. If you don’t have a chain extender in your bag it’s easy to lengthen your necklace by adding an old bracelet or an anklet to the ends or the middle of the chain instead. Simply attach the clasps on each end and you’re set to take off. There are no tools required to remove the clasps, and it’s simple.
  5. Relieve lobes with sensitive skin by removing them from the inside. Sometimes sensitive skin may react badly to costumes or certain metals. If your ear is feeling dry, just rub a little Vaseline on these posts before inserting them into your ears.
  6. Make sure that your jewelry is not discolored. The three most common causes that cause damage to the appearance that your jewels have are sweat as well as salty ocean water and perfume. Make sure to take off your jewelry before exercising, showering yourself with your preferred scent. (Here are some additional dos and don’ts of sensible jewelry wear.)
  7. Hair should be kept away from the clasp of your necklace. Some clasps are not compatible with hair that is longer. To avoid irritation and loss of hair, cut a small amount of straw and place it on the other end of your necklace, right beyond the clasp. The necklace is closed by hooking it, and you can put the straw piece back over the clasp to create an extra buffer.
  8. Find your ring’s size at your home.
  9. Be sure that necklaces do not get caught during transport. Here are a few methods to prevent the possibility of tangles in the future. The first is to simply pass the other side of your chain over a straw, then feed it through, and then tie the ends. If the chains aren’t very thick you can run several times over the straw to keep several chains. Another method is placing your jewelry inside two sheets of wrap. Place the plastic wrap over a smooth surface, and put jewelry pieces one at a time over it, with at least a half-inch between objects. Cover with another square of wrap, pushing to seal between the pieces of jewelry and edges on the outside.
  10. Never lose another stud earring. Here are three clever ways to store your earrings: 1. Connect your pair of earrings through two holes on a button. Then keep them in a safe place. 2. Keep small to medium-sized earrings in the compartments of the pill storage box. 3. Utilize the ice cube tray to keep earrings organized and stored and necklaces as well as rings.
  11. Buy darker-colored costume jewelry. When it comes to fashion jewelry, the more dark your metal is, the higher quality it appears. Beware of anything too shiny, and the jewelry that you buy at a bargain will appear more expensive.
  12. Make use of an empty bottle, or vase to make a jewelry stand. Just slide bracelets across the narrow part of the vase and stack them, then place small brooches inside and hang long earrings around the edges.
  13. Untangle the knotted chain. If you’ve ever needed to unravel the chain, you’re aware it’s time-consuming. Instead of trying to wrestle with it, simply place the chain that is knotted in on a bowl and liberally sprinkle it with baby powder. Then, toss it around to coat the knots, then give them a gentle squeeze. The knots should become slippery and move more easily. It is also possible to make use of a straight pin to help them loosen. Cleanse them off with warm water and rub them dry using a lint-free cloth. (You could also try using baby oil for similar things, however, it might be harder to clean the jewelry afterward.)


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