12 hacks for makeup

I think that regardless of whether you’re a reputable makeup artist or a complete novice it’s possible to always gain from a few makeup tricks. So, why do you be a slave to your cat eye and contouring when you have many simple tricks to make the entire process easier?

To share and take care, I went on and discovered the top 12 techniques and makeup tricks all the time. such as the best time (and which place) you should put on concealer and how to get it right, how to perfect your winning eyeliner (spoiler this: it’s involving using a spoon), and much more.

So get your makeup bag and the one item (err products?) that you’ve never learned to apply, and keep reading.

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  1. Apply your foundation before applying concealer.

A great tip for beginners: The simplest method to improve your makeup regimen is to apply the foundation before applying your concealer.

Think about it: Starting with a layer of foundation will help minimize any redness or discoloration–almost like you’re creating a smooth base for the rest of your products.

It’s possible to apply your concealer and apply your concealer to treat any pimples or redness. In the end, you’ll get a lot more product. Another advantage? Foundation before concealer is an excellent solution to avoid creasing and caking.

  1. Keep your eyebrows looking fresh by using a spoolie.

On days that are hectic and I am not able to complete my eyebrows I prefer to do what I can quick comb my eyebrows using a Spoolie Brush (aka those tiny mascara brushes).

Even when I don’t have time to apply makeup products, gels, or pencils, I prefer to prepare my brows with my spoolie. It only takes approximately 10 seconds and is a simple way to be sure my eyebrow hairs are placed in the correct place before applying my makeup products.

A tip for makeup The best option is to buy the spoolie in bulk for very low prices (I prefer the Cuttte Disposable Mascara brushes) or choose something that can be reused (I’m an avid user of Uomo Beauty’s Brow-Fro Hair that also comes with a precise pencil at the other end).

  1. Make sure your lips are cleansed before applying lipstick

Do you ever feel like you apply lipstick but it’s not smooth? Make sure you prep your lips with the gentle scrub for your lips (I prefer using the Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip scrub as well as KNC Beauty Lip Scrub).

KNC Lip Scrub) The physical exfoliation can help smooth off any dry skin on the top of your lips giving you an even, smoother canvas to apply your cosmetics.

It’s important to note: Lip scrubs are only recommended at least once per week. Anything longer and you’ll end up with irritation (aka the opposite effect you’re hoping for).).

  1. Don’t be a slumberer

It may appear like a simple aspect of your routine of makeup However, IMO blush is by far the most underrated cosmetic.

A few swabs of powder or cream blush on the tops of your cheeks will provide your look a brighter warm finish, with absolute effortlessness. “I use blush on all my clients– it gives the skin that fresh and rejuvenated look and it adds the perfect amount of depth to the face,” makeup artist Lakeisha Dale has explained to Cosmo.

But that does not mean that you have to select a vibrant-pink blush, or something similar to that. Instead, opt for something soft and glowing like one of the options below.

  1. The pencil liner should be melted to allow it to slide

It’s a fact: Creamy makeup products will blend better once they’ve been warm. If the eyeliner pencil is a kohl pencil for eyeliner is a bit sloppy or tense on your eyelids or needs several coats to get a good pigment payoff melt it slightly before you begin lining.

To do this, place the edge of your pencil in the flame on a torch for about a moment or until it becomes sticky, then let it cool just a bit (swatch the pencil on your palm to check if it’s too hot or melting) Then observe the change in consistency right in front of your eyes.

  1. Let your eyes sparkle by using eyeliner in white

To make a bare or less pigmented eyeshadow appear attractive on your eyes make a blend of black eyeliner across the entire eyelid first. Then, apply your eyeshadow on top. The opaqueness is that white liner can enhance any shade of eyeshadow and makes it stand out.

  1. Outline your cat eye

If you’re having trouble nailing the perfect winning eyeliner look (also hello the same for me, I’m with that), try outlining your shape first, and after that, fill the outline.

Make sure you extend a line over your lower lash line, creating the top of your cat’s eye first. Next, determine the size you would like for your wing then trace your top line, starting from the beginning line of the flick towards the higher lash line. When you have the design drawn across both sides and it looks similar, add the space.

  1. Make use of a spoon to create an outline for a winged liner

If drawing your cat’s eye isn’t an option for you, take an empty spoon and make use of it to create an eye-scanning tool. By placing the stem of a spoon against the outside corner of your eye, you can use the liner that is liquid to trace a line for the initial step in your cat’s eye.

Then you can flip the spoon around so it’s positioned so that it’s affixed to your eyelid and make use of the rounded exterior edges to make a perfect curving winged look.

  1. Make a smokey eye look more attractive with the hashtag

A smokey eye can change from being super-slouchy to sloppy in a flash if you don’t understand how to do it. For a simple look make use of a soft makeup pencil to draw an angled hashtag across the outer third of the eyelid and then blend it out using the sponge or a smudging tool.

This will ensure that your eyes are symmetrically however it will also stop you from going too wild with your eyeliner.

  1. Make use of a spoon for an eyelash shield

There’s nothing more irritating than having your eyeshadow appear flawless, only to end up applying mascara and ruining your look with streaks. What’s the solution? Make sure to hold a spoon in a position where it’s encircling your eyelid and then put on mascara as you would normally.

While you move the mascara wand across your eyelashes and against the side of the spoon, the residue will be deposited on the surface of the utensil, not the skin. Genius.

  1. Revive mascara using a Saline solution

The best advice is to only apply a mascara tube for three months at a time, maximum. Once it reaches that time it can be a source of bacteria that can cause eye infections, among other things that you shouldn’t look up for Google Images.

However, if your mascara consistently gets dry within the three months that follow, add a couple of drops of salicylate solution into the flaky mascara to restore it to its smooth, supple consistency.

  1. Make sure to heat your eyelash curler using the help of a hair dryer

Make your lash curler that is heated, by blowing hot air into the eyelash curler. This extra heat will help make the curling of your lashes faster and maintain their shape for a longer time.

You just need to use your lash curler using the blow-dryer until it starts to heat up after which it will cool just a little, but it’s nevertheless warm (test it by placing it on the inside of your arm to ensure that it doesn’t cause burns to your eyes) Then, you can clamp it on your lashes and curl them.


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